Maindee Judo Club
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Training Body and Mind - Established 1998, in Newport, Gwent South Wales.

We're delighted that you've found us!

Welcome to Maindee Judo Club.

Maindee Judo Club was founded in 1998 by Sensei Steve Morgan 4th Dan. We celebrated 20 years in Judo in 2018 and we have welcomed Judoka from all walks of life in that time. 
If you are looking for a family friendly club, and somewhere to practice Judo, it would be great to see you.

So what next?

Are you ready to step onto the mat and share our journey?

Whether a complete novice or an experienced Judoka, we welcome you all to join us in the dojo and learn Judo, find out why we love judo and why we see Judo as not just a sport or a Martial Art, but also as a way of life.
Maindee Judo Club
135-137 Chepstow Road, Maindee, Newport, South Wales,N/A N/A
Our founder (left) Sensei S Morgan 4th Dan, with his sons (centre) Sensei D Morgan 1st Dan, 
(right) Sensei G Morgan 3rd Dan.
Partner Club  - Duffryn Judo Club
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