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Training Body and Mind - Established 1998, in Newport, Gwent South Wales.
About Maindee Judo Club
Maindee Judo Club is a non-profit judo club, that is run on a voluntary basis, and has been since it was founded in 1998 by Steve Morgan. He had already been a student of Judo for 18 years at that time but following the closure of the club he had trained in, he found he had nowhere to continue with his Judo journey. 

His friend and neighbour (Gary Gassor) had recently opened his own premises, the Martial Arts and Fitness Centre - and approached Steve about running Judo classes at the centre.

Steve knew that this was a big challenge to undertake, as he had not been the 'instructor' before. However, after careful consideration and having the support of his family and Gary he agreed to give it a go. He started with 8 students on the first night, including his son Gareth who Steve had introduced to Judo at his former club. It was an amazing first night and the beginning of an amazing journey for Steve, MJC and Gareth. 

Maindee Judo Club has seen many students in its dojo since opening its doors in 1998 and has enjoyed seeing many of those students becoming successful, earning their coveted black belts. At a personal level Steve has seen his eldest son Gareth achieve his 3rd Dan and his youngest son achieve his 1st Dan.

In 2008 Steve helped his son Gareth set up his own club, Duffryn Judo Club. A proud moment as an instructor and father, and a huge undertaken for a 19 year old. 
You can find out more about Duffryn Judo Club by following the link.

Steve has continued to share his knowledge with students, with Gareth remaining at his side as his right-hand man. And together they have tried to cover all elements of Judo so that there is something for everyone at the club.

Initially Maindee Judo Club was affiliated to NAKMAS as was Duffryn but Gareth liked what was happening in the Welsh Judo Association, so he made contact with them and formed a relationship with them before entering the Welsh Open in Cardiff in 2014. Students from Maindee and Duffryn participated with confidence and discipline and earned a lot of respect from existing coaches and clubs already in the WJA.

After watching the development of Gareth and his club DJC in the WJA, Steve decided it was the right time for MJC to transfer from NAKMAS to the WJA in 2017. This allowed David, Steve’s youngest son to attempt his 1st Dan with the WJA following the competition route, David had already achieved a technical 1st Dan with NAKMAS and was keen to achieve his competitive Dan grade with the WJA. He competed at a Dan grading in Cardiff in 2018 and was successful by winning all the required fights. A great achievement for him and another proud moment for MJC and Steve. Also, in 2018 some of the club had the honour of participating in a Masterclass with judo legends Brian Jacks and Angelo Parisi.

Maindee Judo Club has always been a family orientated club, with ambition and aspiration to share Judo with everyone who enters the mat. We have tried to stay true to all elements of Judo, competition, Randori, Kata and technical elements. We seek to improve each other and are constantly learning adapting and developing together. 

However, our biggest desire, is that those training in Judo enjoy themselves, whatever their goal.

See you in the dojo!
Maindee Judo Club